About Scott Musselman

Everything I do, either as a pastor or a church consultant, is driven by my desire to further discover God's desires for the church of the 21st century in order to make disciples who are committed to Jesus.

5 Questions to Discover If You Honor the People God Loves

We talk a lot about honor in our culture in regards to public service and acts of bravery.  But why don’t we speak more about honoring one another in daily life?

Think about it.  How do people perceive you?  And in regards to church, does your congregation honor every precious child of God?

I feel keenly […]

The Secret to Finding People Who Don’t Go to Church

Jesus said to “Go!” and make disciples.  But where do we go?

A big issue in contemporary church is that most Christians only interact with other church people.  If you are a follower of Jesus, how many friends do you have who don’t go to church?  Do you need to change that?

I recently did a […]

6 Steps to Spiritual Conversations That Change Lives

Jesus sent out 70 people to prepare the way for his coming by proclaiming peace to people’s households.  Those people were likely Jews who were eager to have a conversation about the possibility of The Messiah.  It seems that our context today is very different.  How does God send us out?

There seem to be […]

Does Your Church’s Culture Honor God?

I was the pastor of a good church but, honestly, it didn’t honor God like it should when it came to new people.  We were very friendly to each other, however, guests didn’t seem to find us hospitable.

Sadly, the vast majority of churches are like that.  What about yours?  What is the friendliness status […]

Do You Have the Courage to Lead?

As a pastor, I wasn’t taught or mentored in how to be a leader.  So I have had to dig deep inside to prayerfully find and develop an inner leader or suffer the consequences.

Perhaps you have been on that same journey.  You would understandably assume that being a pastor is about being pastoral.  But […]

Does Your Hospitality Have Integrity?

The threat with church hospitality at present is that it can become just another program to get people to church. Hospitality had better be grounded in a true sense of loving God’s people.

People often refrain from church these days because of what they determine to be hypocrisy.  You could say that that means there […]

The Worst and Most Avoidable Mistake of Churches

Lousy hospitality seems rampant at churches.  We hate it when we see it in other churches, but we don’t seem to be able to address it in our own.

We live in a time when even churches get rated on the internet.  Of course, word of mouth always has been and always will be the […]

The Secret of Christmas Hospitality

More guests will show up at worship on Christmas Eve than at any other time of the year.  This is a prime opportunity.

So how does your church showcase hospitality for Christmas Eve?  Are you intentional in your preparation?  It is a lot tougher to identify and connect with guests on Christmas Eve due to […]