About Scott Musselman

Everything I do, either as a pastor or a church consultant, is driven by my desire to further discover God's desires for the church of the 21st century in order to make disciples who are committed to Jesus.

To Make Disciples You Must Look Like a Disciple

My bucket list is now empty.  Jesus can take me home.  My wife and I took a trip of a lifetime to Alaska.  It was a group trip at times which means it didn’t always feel like a vacation.  Sometimes it seemed like church – at its worst.

We gathered onto a motor coach in […]

The Two Things Church Offers

I am so tired of fights about church.  We laud spirituality over “religion.”  Face it, Christianity is a religion.  Nothing wrong with religion.  What’s wrong is when we get lost, when the world only sees hypocrisy and a disconnect with daily life.

I was recently at a meeting where we talked about conflict in the […]

The Only Goal for Church Success

There are some churches with great vitality in our nation.  That is awesome.  But most of you who read this, if you happen to go to church, are a part of a congregation that struggles.  Welcome to the 21st century American religious reality.

It is mind boggling how quickly the spiritual climate has changed.  Fifty […]

4 Steps from Church Spectator to Disciple Maker

Why do people resist church so much?  Yes, those who are a part of church need to be concerned with the valid aspects of the critique that religious people are hypocrites and out-of-touch with the intersection of faith and daily life.  But there is a significant underlying reason.  Our culture believes that most everyone […]

You Need a Friend/Coach in Christ

Why do we try to do things on our own in church ministry?  Why do we seem to honor being a Lone Ranger?  Okay, not even the Lone Ranger did things on his own.  There was Tonto.

The greatest professional athletes have coaches.   Why do we do ministry relatively alone?  Why does the concept […]

Pastor, Leader, and Equipper – O My!

If you’re a pastor, you’ve likely heard it.  “We need a pastor who is more of a shepherd!”

What does that mean?  I interpret that to be the 20th century American fallacy that we pay people to do things on our behalf, including pastors to do the primary ministry activities.  Go visit members in need. […]

Hospitality Begins with Signage

Think about times you’ve been embarrassed.  What was the context?  How did you feel?

It wasn’t good, was it?  Being embarrassed is a terrible feeling.  When I’m embarrassed, I’m tempted to turn around and run.  And that’s what I see from you too!

I hang out at a coffeehouse where there’s great service and lively conversation.  […]

Hospitality as the Foundation of Church Life

Had a great time at the mall recently.  The wife gave me a dollar to spend in the arcade.  Skeeball is certainly in heaven.  And, in total abandonment of my normal aversion to sugar, I and my wife indulged in a chocolate chip double doozie at Great American Cookies.

Now I have very good peripheral […]

5 Ways to Share the Gospel in a Crazy World

We live in a world that is torn apart by discord between nations, between political parties, between and within churches, within families…  As a follower of Jesus, I look to find how God wants me to speak to and live in the world.  I submit five ways for you to consider as you seek […]