Last weekend, about 15% of Americans were a part of Christian worship.  If you are a Christian leader, that should be enough to get you motivated.

Many church leaders weren’t trained for what ministry looks like today.  The bottom line: Could you use more visitors in your church?  If so, let’s get started.

Some years back, many churches sent out cards in the mail to promote their ministries.  In fact, it got so prolific that it lost its effectiveness.  Everyone was doing it.  So people just ignored the cards.

As a result, everyone quit doing cards.  What does that mean for now?  It may once again be a good time to consider sending cards as a way to introduce people in your community to your church – particularly those who have just moved into a new home.

It is the 21st century.  We know everything about everyone.  So you can do some tailoring of your mailings as far as demographics.  And there are all sorts of services available who would love to help you.  I’m not going to promote one over another.  Just search for something like “church new mover postcards” and you will get lots of possibilities.

You will want to think through what type of card will get someone to actually read the information about your church that you include.  You might want to ask a few unchurched people what they like about some samples you show them.

There are postcards with covers of cute photos – like a puppy.  There are other images that are targeted especially for those who don’t trust church as usual.  You need to choose what fits your mission.  All I will suggest that you omit is a photo of your church building.  Lots of churches still promote themselves in this way.  Promote your ministry and people, not a building.

Recognize that the rate of return is very low just by sending out a postcard.  This is about mass mailing.  But you can maximize your responses by adding in additional touches.  All of these services that develop mailings will send you a copy of the addresses.  Think about what other ways you might connect with these people.

Stop by their house and leave a brochure.  Don’t go in since you are unannounced.  If they are new to the area, welcome them to town and invite them to some introductory, relational activity at y0ur church or lift up your upcoming relevant sermon series.

You might send them a follow-up mailing.  If you can, maybe with the help of some others, write handwritten notes to the people.  That will set you apart.  You might reference what you heard about them if someone stopped by their house.  Make it short and sweet, again lifting up what the first steps might be for people to get involved.  Since so few people went to worship last weekend, just inviting folks to church only works for a very limited number of us.  Invite them to an opportunity which relates to their daily life in a sermon series or an event where they will make new friends.

Maybe you host a monthly Sunday luncheon where you invite the new movers in your area to meet community leaders like the mayor, the police chief, etc  And, of course, it is a way for you to gently introduce these folks to your ministry.

We live in a time when most churches struggle to get first time visitors.  Sending out professional postcards might be worth a try for you and your ministry.  If you do, I would love to hear how it is going and what you have learned.

What are ways that you are finding new visitors?  If you are using cards, what works and what doesn’t?  Please leave your comments below.