Perhaps you’ve noticed, people aren’t clamoring to go to church these days.  On any given weekend, about 15% of Americans worship as Christians.  But do not despair, your church music ministry can be a great resource for contemporary evangelism.

At The Effective Church Group, we feel keenly that pastors of churches under 500 at worship should spend the vast majority of your time in the community developing relationships with those who may not go to church.  Why not develop a similar mission for your music ministry?

It is so hard for Christian leaders to get our heads out of a church building and our offices.  But, by definition, there aren’t many unchurched people there.  Today, all pastors of congregations under 500 must think like a church planter.  How do you leverage every resource, your time, and your energy for the sake of the Great Commission?

Quit looking at what you don’t have, and claim whatever God has given you.  Most of us, regardless of size and location, have some musicians.  But we often think of them as only serving God on a Sunday morning in the confines of a building.  Music is a universal language.  It is far less threatening than some street corner preacher.  Let’s be wise in connecting with people.

Let me give you 5 ways you might leverage your music ministry in the community.  Keep in mind that whatever you do needs to be clearly in the name of Jesus and your congregation.  It needs to connect new people with your church people.  It needs to give folks a clear next step awareness of a relevant sermon series, a mission opportunity they could participate in, an exciting upcoming event, etc.

  • Have a concert series where you invite the community, maybe away from your building.  Use a raffle of a great gift to get people’s contact information.  Then follow up with a doorstep visit to their house with a branded gift that they will keep, information on your church, and an invitation to the next step/worship.
  • Have your musicians play at community festivals and fairs.  Again, think through how this becomes more than a nice presentation, but clearly identifies your group as being from your church and connects with those who stop by.  Don’t just hand out fliers.  Take a more creative step.
  • Have your praise band play at a local bar.  Make sure that it is clear that you are a Christian group.  Do some verbal comments about your ministry.  But you might play “secular” music which would be appropriate for a Christian to perform.
  • Take advantage of any places that have open mic night.  This is a great place for your best singers/worship leader to be experienced as someone who loves Jesus but still is a normal, approachable, and fun person.
  • Take your group (choir?) on a mini-tour in your community.  Go to places and businesses where there are people who would be a good fit for what your congregation looks like.  Maybe this group could go into the community doing singing telegrams for birthdays, etc.
The point is: Have fun.  Jesus is really cool.  People, especially children, liked to hang out with him.  Do things in the community that you enjoy, and show people that hanging out with you and Jesus would improve the quality of their lives.

Think creatively.  Think outside of any box.  Give it a try.  Take a risk.  If it doesn’t work, fine.  Always evaluate and learn.  The only failure is to sit inside your church walls and complain that no one is coming to your church.

It is a time when people are not coming to us as church leaders.  Jesus did say that we needed to “go.”  It is a great time to be doing ministry in the name of Jesus.  This is a real moment to show our culture that the best option for life starts with Jesus.  Leverage your church musicians and honor their ministry by having them be on the front lines of making disciples of all nations.

What are some ways that you have leveraged your church music ministry in the community?  I’d love to hear your response.  So leave your comments below.