Christmas Eve is the one time in our culture where people are still somewhat likely to consider going to church when that is not the norm for them.  So good preparation and prayer are essential for this prime moment.

I am writing this at the end of October.  By now you should have a good plan.  Do you?  If not, don’t fret.  Let’s just get started.

Christmas Eve should be the time when churches put forth all of our best efforts.  Here are some things to consider so that you get the people there that Jesus wants to be there and then connect them to God and to you as God’s people.

  • Have your worship and children’s ministry teams planning the most creative and impactful Christmas Eve experience for people that they can prayerfully imagine.
  • Make sure that your hospitality team is preparing even now for the best refreshments, in the best location with the best greeters, parking lot hosts, and ushers (all trained with knowing what to say and do and then how to share that information) that God has placed in your congregation.
  • Develop the best way possible to get contact information cards filled out by guests.  Christmas Eve can be difficult to single out who is new and who is local.  Be creative.  Maybe you offer some good incentive for people to share that information like giving away a cool manger scene to be chosen from one of the connection cards.
  • Get your people ready and enthused to invite a couple households to join them at Christmas Eve worship.  Consider the Go Big ministry from  It is like the invite a friend style but with more opportunity for effectiveness.  Maybe you give three Christmas devotional books to your members.  They get to keep one, and they share the other two with those they will invite.
  • Have a great plan for follow-up with a wonderful branded gift for those first time visitors.  For churches under 450 at worship, this means the pastor/preacher makes doorstep visits on Christmas Day afternoon.  For larger congregations, a staff person who was a part of worship leadership should make the visits.
  • Promote an awesome and relevant sermon series that will begin after the Christmas season.  Give people a good reason to consider giving church a second consideration.
Mary did a lot of work that first Christmas.  So should you because this is the best shot you are going to get all year long to connect with the unconnected.  Enjoy the journey.  Pray with vigilance.  This is what you signed up for.  Go for it!

I’d love to hear from you.  What have you done to make Christmas Eve worship the most effective for connecting precious people to God?  Leave your comments below.

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