Why Seniors Should “Do Church”

This post comes to us through guest-blogger Jason Lewis. Although much of our energy is focused on reaching younger adults and families, according to the Census Bureau, there are more than 40-million USAmericans over sixty-five years old … and less than 12-million are active in a church. And so, we thought we’d share this […]

Five Steps to Encourage a Guest’s Return Visit

An important step in the growth of any church is to do whatever you can to encourage your first time guests to return for a second week. Notice I use the word ‘guest’ not visitor. To treat first time attenders as a welcomed guest, there are five things I would like to suggest that […]

Can This Church Turnaround? Case Study #1

Established: ~1904

Tribe: Protestant Mainline

Worship Style: Rural traditional, family informal


Congregational Demographics: 
AWA: 32
Trend: 20 years steep decline; 8 years slow decline; followed by 10 years slight decline
Median Age: 61
Adult Generations: 21 Builders+; 8 Boomers; 2 Gen-X; 1 Millennial
Children/Youth: 2–3
Ethnic Mix: Anglo
SES: Mixed, mostly blue collar; income similar to ministry area
Debt: $0

Available Resources: ~$100,000 in endowments


Ministry Area […]

Advertising the Church

We live in a marketing-saturated world. The number of ads you see every single day is up in the thousands now (in the 1970s you would have seen about 500 a day … today it’s at about 5000 a day – CBS News). With that in mind, it’s no wonder the church is finding […]

Where’s Your Sign?

I could see the church building from the street. I could even see the parking lot. What I couldn’t see was how to get from here to there.

I was in the midst of a Sunday morning consultation and ten minutes after worship began, I strolled through the building to check on the status of […]

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Are You the Bottleneck

I get the Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day during the week and had to share this one.
(BTW, I highly recommend HBR for pastors … it’s worth the expense.)

This tip was particularly insightful because in our our experience, pastors regularly suffer from this malady (and so do most church leaders, truth-be-told).
What to […]

Exponential Workshop Files

Multiplication Made Easy PDF Handouts

You Can’t Raise a Corpse PDF Handouts

Tools We Use: CoSchedule

Sometimes we get asked about the tools we use to do the things we do. This afternoon I was creating and scheduling some social media updates for the upcoming week and realized that there are quite a number of the church leaders we work with who are still doing social updates by hand.

Because all of […]