The Five Pillars of Financial Wisdom: Equipping Your Members for Financial Success

Reprinted from Net Results Magazine

Can I be honest with you? The majority of your church members are financially illiterate. That’s a problem, especially when you consider that Jesus talked more about money than any other topic besides the Kingdom of God. In fact, in my opinion, it’s an untenable situation. Church members should be […]

Planned Giving for Churches: Crash Course and First Steps

Planned giving—you’ve likely heard of it before, but if you’re like many church leaders, administrators, and fundraisers, you haven’t considered trying it out yet.

This is a transformational church fundraising method that can deepen your relationships with congregants and ensure your church’s long-term financial stability. But is planned giving, also often called legacy giving, the […]

Faith-Based Fundraising: 4 CRM Tips to Build Relationships

Relationships are crucial to your church’s mission. To reach and impact your community, you likely aim to welcome newcomers, retain visitors, and strengthen relationships with members. 

The same is true when it comes to church fundraising. Fortunately, there are fundraising tools available to help your church build and strengthen relationships with its supporters. 

Church membership management […]

501(c)(3) Status for Churches: A Guide to IRS Rules

As a church leader, your ministry’s focus is likely on reaching the unchurched in your community—not studying legal tax classifications. But tax exemption is an important status that can greatly benefit your church, so it’s worth understanding whether or not you should apply.

If you want to obtain 501(c)(3) status for your church, you’ve come […]

How to Promote Your Church’s Values While Fundraising

Fundraising is a key part of sustaining your church as it provides the resources you need to run your church properly and support your programming. However, at its core, fundraising is about gathering the funds necessary to fulfill your church’s vision and uphold your values.

When you incorporate your church’s values into your fundraising, you […]

The Pastor’s Playbook for Boosting Church Giving

“We don’t have money problems anymore.” Imagine hearing that in your church. That’s exactly what one of my Catalytic Church Growth Pastors told me last week. It’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? But let’s be real – even in churches where the offering plate seems always full, there’s never enough cash […]

Online Shopping Fundraisers for Churches: The Complete Guide

If you’re a church leader, fundraising coordinator, or giving committee member, you’ve probably spent time thinking about what goes into a successful church fundraiser. However, the best giving initiatives are not just lucrative—they also make effective use of your team’s limited time and resources while engaging your congregation.

One engaging, resource-efficient way to raise extra […]

3 Tips to Engage Your Congregation in Ministry Fundraisers

When inspired, your congregation can accomplish impressive fundraising goals. However, passing the collection plate may not be enough to collect the funding that keeps your church programs and outreach running. In fact, recent research indicates that only 5 percent of Americans tithe. 

So how can your church encourage a culture of generous giving? In this […]

Understanding the Basics of Church Accounting: A Guide

Your church’s number one priority is likely furthering its mission, and for good reason. Between creating space for worship, fostering discipleship, serving the community, and keeping your congregation engaged, there are many efforts that keep you busy each day and allow you to make a positive impact.

As you go about all of this great […]