About Scott Musselman

Everything I do, either as a pastor or a church consultant, is driven by my desire to further discover God's desires for the church of the 21st century in order to make disciples who are committed to Jesus.

I Want to See My Grandchild in Heaven

I am a grandfather!

I have had married children for a few years.  And those who are already grandparents have been hounding me to have grandchildren.  I usually tell them I don’t have much control over such matters.

These folks uniformly tell me how awesome it is to be a grandparent; just play with the child […]

Got Vision? Check Out “Execute Your Vision!”

Are you a church leader with vision?  Are you discouraged by the visions you have put before people that seemed to go unheard?  Does it seem like your visions often go unfulfilled?
If so, you are far from alone.  Indeed, it is the norm.  It is no secret to church leaders that this is a […]

Taking Hospitality from Good to Great

What is church hospitality?  Is it unique from other hospitality?  What about the rather significant emphasis on hospitality in the Bible?  Let’s be honest, most churches are fortunate to have good hospitality, not great.  Okay, most congregations have poor hospitality when it comes to loving the stranger, the first time guest.

For me, the pivotal […]

5 Steps to Becoming Spiritual Giants

How many spiritual giants do you have in your church?  Are you a spiritual giant?  Is there a process for becoming a spiritual giant?  What does a spiritual giant look like?

I do see a process for becoming a spiritual giant.  Call it sanctification if you like.  It is the joyous journey of our earthly […]

Five Markers of the Future Church

The vast majority of churches struggle to have a building full of worshipers.  Those who do seem to recognize one thing.  The church always has been and always will be about making disciples.  And we have a clear example of what that looks like from Acts 2: 43-47.  Let’s take a look at the […]

8 Crucial Steps to Church Hospitality that Transforms Lives

Every church says they are friendly (hospitable), but that usually is true only among church members themselves.  The experience of the stranger, of the first time visitor, is often very far from a sense of being welcomed.
Let’s be honest.  The call to make disciples and the kingdom goal is at stake here.  It isn’t […]

5 Steps to a Spirit-Driven Church

Is your church the way you want it?  Be honest.  Is your congregation the way you believe God wants it?  Be honest.

I believe the answer to those questions is often “no.”  And I’m sorry for you.  Most church leaders work very hard and are committed to Jesus.  Most church members really want the congregation […]

Six Steps to the Best Christmas Eve Ever

Christmas Eve is the one time in our culture where people are still somewhat likely to consider going to church when that is not the norm for them.  So good preparation and prayer are essential for this prime moment.

I am writing this at the end of October.  By now you should have a good […]

The Secret to 21st Century Preaching

I believe that one’s preaching should always be evolving and adapting to the needs expressed through our culture.  We live in a time when the culture says our preaching is irrelevant.  That can’t be allowed to continue.

What is the image of the preaching in your church?  Is it a lecture?  Do people feel “preached […]