Rethink your personal spiritual habits. Spiritual disciplines are always evolving because God is always speaking in new ways. Keep your life and ministry fresh by taking time to ponder new ways to make your life and lifestyle accountable to God. Think “out of the box”. Read more widely about spiritual life, but don’t just borrow someone else’s practice.

Start by refining and focusing your personal mission in life, making sure that it aligns with God’s purpose to redeem the world and the church’s mission to multiply disciples.

Then focus your personal integrity based on your personal core values and bedrock beliefs. This may be a time of confession and repentance as well as a time of celebration and renewed resolve.

Next focus on whatever tactics or practices can be customized for your unique lifestyle, personality, and personal history. These may be reshaped dramatically at different stages in your “life cycle” and relationships.

Finally, identify the individuals (peers, companions, small group, “pilgrim band” or whatever you call them) who will meet and walk with you during the upcoming year. Begin now to pray for each one of them.

Remember that spiritual discipline is not really an educational process. It is an accountability experience. It is not really about what you will read, think, or do. It is about how you will regularly offer your soul to the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit.