Focus the shortlist of people with whom you will step up mentoring in the next year. Prayerfully review your membership list (or better, if you keep records, the names of regular worship participants). Identify the names of individuals who have shown signs of serious spiritual discipline and mission attitude. Make one list of emerging new leaders. Make another list of current leaders who are ready to step up into a new stage of spiritual growth and mission action. Create a private log for each person, jotting down you insights for the current and future growth. Now contact each one and make a first appointment in what should become a routine mentoring relationship in the coming year.

If you reserve time for these appointments now, you are less likely to be sidetracked by less important demands on your time from people later. Remember, the wise leader invests most of his or her time with growing people, and not just with needy people. The more leaders you grow, the more people in need can be blessed.