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Why Don’t People Invite Their Friends?

In these COVID times (and honestly, pre-COVID times), it’s become very clear that church members aren’t inviting their friends (or anyone else) to join them for worship. A recent poll by the Barna Group revealed that 60 percent of people will not invite people to attend worship with them online (or Share or Like […]

A Guest-Friendly Website

Recently I was asked for recommendations for remodeling a church’s website. In response I wrote a too-long email, but a just right blog post. So I thought I’d share it here. A “tiny” bit of this is pretty technical, but even a novice will find some tips to help tighten up your site. (BTW, […]

New Podcasts in the Toolbox – Get Yours Today

We keep the Effective Church Toolbox filled with tools to help congregations become increasingly effective, faithful, and sustainable. We added new podcasts to the resources this week: Win Arn on getting people in through the side door; Larry Osborne on Sticky Teams; and Clif Christopher on Whose Offering Plate Is It?

If you’ve already “signed […]

Worship Leader’s Job Description

Bill Easum 2007


Position Objective: To provide pastoral leadership to the worship ministries of (your church).

This should reflect whatever mission or vision statement you have.

Position Description: The worship pastor will be the “producer” of each worship service and special programs.  Although the senior pastor is the “director” in terms of setting the theme and overall direction, […]

The Four Secrets to Team-Based Ministry

By Dave Ferguson of Community Christian Church

There are some things you would never say out loud; even though you know they are true. The reason you don’t say them out loud is (despite the fact they are true) they just don’t sound right. If you uttered these secrets people will probably misunderstand you. In […]

To Whom Do Teams Report?

From Bill Easum

Ministry Teams report to different people in different size churches. In small church to the pastor. In a large church to a variety of people. Core teams (those you cannot exist without) report to a staff person who also meets with them or stays in close touch with them. Other teams report […]

Absolute Truth

From Paul Franklyn, Electronic Editor at Abindon Press

I usually don’t contribute to the list, for I am an editor in publishing and not a congregational leader, but I touched this topic today at an Easter Monday worship, here at the office.

On absolute truth, take a look at the works of CS Lewis. In particular, […]

Summer Ministries

From Bill Easum   From our Advanced Leadership Forum. Click here to join

Too many churches reduce ministries in the summer.  95% of these churches are declining and the attitude that would allow them to reduce ministries in the summer is one of the underlying issues of dying churches.

If so little is happening in your church […]

Lessons from Starbucks

From Bill Tenny-Brittian

A new Starbucks just opened about 1/2 mile from the church so I sat there the other morning and did sermon prep.  As I listened in, I heard the trainers working with staff – modeling behavior and team/partnership.  Boy did I learn something that morning!

Lesson #1 on Leading Leaders:  As the trainer was instructing a […]