By Kris Tenny-Brittian

Most of us are aware of how important it is to know CPR—Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation—for the saving of a life. However, not enough of us know, let alone practice, another form of CPR that is just as important and life-giving.

In this case, CPR stand for conceive, perceive, and receive and represents three questions:

1.   Can you conceive what God is capable of doing?

2.   Are you perceiving what God is doing? and

3.   Will you receive what God wants to do in and through you?

These three questions help leaders see beyond the impossible and impassable; keep leaders focused on Who’s really in charge and doing what; and urge us to remain centered and to work for God’s agenda rather than our own. More than that, though, when we practice CPR in our churches and teach it to those we lead, it has the possibility of saving untold lives and, perhaps, a church or two.

But just be sure you’ve been practicing CPR on yourself for  a little while before you begin to teach it to others; otherwise, you won’t be able to share what God can do, let alone what God is doing right now right where you are, nor be receiving what God is trying to do in and through you. And everyone knows that folks can spot an inauthentic, wannabe leader every time.