For the week of September 05, 2005

Send: The Fifth Step in Discipling
By: Tom Bandy
Every missionary must be released. Once people are changed, involved in spiritual growth, mentored to discern their calling, and equipped for excellence (see previous leadership tips), Christians must be sent. It is remarkable how many churches get to this point, and fail to release their missionaries into the world.

On the one hand, churches must let go of control. They must allow their maturing Christian leaders to go forth, innovate, experiment, fail and learn again, and achieve results in unexpected ways. Do not burden them with a thousand rules and regulations. Do not demand constant reporting and meetings. Trust them.

On the other hand, missionaries must have courage. There comes a point when you have to dive into the deep end … jump out of the plane … walk into the cultural forest. They must understand that their primary lifeline is not their training, but their calling. If God has called them to go forth, God will not abandon them on their journey. They must trust God.