For the week of August 29, 2005

Equip: The Fourth Step in Discipling
By: Tom Bandy
Every missionary must be trained. Once people are changed, involved in spiritual growth, and mentored to discern their calling (see previous leadership tips), Christians need to be equipped to do effectively whatever it is they are called to do. No one wants to fulfill a calling badly. People want to do the best they can.

Equipping begins with sensitivity to the mission field. Learn the heart of the people … and learn to have a heart for them. Then equip leaders with whatever languages, professional skills, and practical tools the mission requires. Then help them discern the partnerships and alliances, and build the teams, that can use these tools. Then help them learn how to hold one another and themselves accountable and measure results.

The most important aspect of equipping is to help called Christians remain focused on mission, and aligned with God’s vision. Sidetracks and temptations are innumerable. Help them stay true to their course.