For the week of September 12, 2005

Katrina Evangelism
By: Bill Easum
Thought for the day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could so paint a picture of God’s love and our need of it that our church people could pour their hearts out for people’s salvation as easily as they do for a disaster like Katrina?

I’m not trying to minimize Katrina in the least. Lord knows, it’s a horrible tragedy. But if we really believe what we say we believe, then we must acknowledge a worst tragedy – to go through life without having a relationship with Jesus Christ that transforms our life. Nothing could be worse. So why doesn’t it affect us as much as tragedy we can see?

I’m on a prayer list. Every day I get a list of people to pray for. I’ve been getting that list each day for about a year. Not one of the prayers has been for the salvation or restoration of a person. Every one of the prayers is for healing or traveling mercy. What a shame. To use the power of prayer only for the healing of physical wounds when we could use it for the healing of the soul as well.

So, who are you praying for that they might find Christ and be healed in their soul and begin to live the triumphant life?