From “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007)

Leadership teams are too busy “doing,” and rarely spend enough time thinking and sharing with one another about who God has called them to be and how they are functioning together.  Use this Field Exercise as a catalyst for some needed heart level conversation in your team.

Foster an open discussion in your Leadership Team/ board around the following 4 questions.

•     What are the topics, issues, or situations that are “taboo” to talk about openly in this team or congregation?  In some settings, taboo subjects include certain theological topics, new ministry initiatives, or worship-related changes (often this is about worship style).

•     Are there issues that you personally have avoided bringing up in this leadership team? Why do you feel the need to avoid talking about these issues?

•     In your perception, how common is heart-level sharing among this team?

•     In what ways could our team foster more openness?

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