By: John Laster

From “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007)

Leadership teams are too busy “doing,” and rarely spend enough time thinking and sharing with one another about who God has called them to be and how they are functioning together.  Use this Field Exercise as a catalyst for some needed heart level conversation in your team.

Have a conversation with your Leadership Team reflecting on the time you spend together in an average month.

•     How much of your time do you spend in meetings around an agenda?

•     How much time does the team as a whole spend in collective prayer together each month?

•     How much time do you spend socially with one or more members of your team?

•     How does the total of your collective prayer time compare with your collective time in agenda driven meetings?

•     What are some of the implications of how your team currently manages your time together each month?

•     In your opinion, what two or three changes could your team make in the ways you use your time that might contribute to a healthier team climate?

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