By: John Laster

From “Gaining Traction” (Chalice Press, 2007)

Do some informal research the next time you as a leader can procure about 5 minutes in a gathering of a cross section of the congregation (a class, small group, town hall meeting, fellowship gathering, or other setting).

•     Let people know you need their input on a quick survey.

•     Pass out 3×5 cards; ask them to number their cards 1 through 4.

•     Pick out ahead of time 4 common leadership terms in current usage in your tribe or congregation. Then ask the group to respond: What is the specific role of,

1.________ ?
2.________ ?
3.________ ?
4.________ ?

Process with your team the insights you gain into the clarity of your terminology.  Where in your leadership language do you need more clarity?  Are their terms and concepts you use that may be bankrupt of helpful meaning?

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