For the week of April 25, 2005

DNA Accountability – Part 4
By: Tom Bandy
Churches need to move beyond discernment of DNA, to using DNA as a primary vehicle for accountability. There are five basic ways to do this. Here is the fourth:

Churches need to shape every team, cell, committee, or mission unit to embody the DNA of the church. Every team or cell leader, and every ministry or program leader, should ask this question: Where are people burning out? Where do we feel exhausted or frustrated? Many times this is a sign that the team has been subtly tempted to work at things to which they do not really feel called, and which to not really aligned to the DNA of the church. The selfishness of members, the demands of denominations, and the influence of charities and governments can tempt any team from its real heartfelt mission … and the sign is burnout.

It may seem contrary to common sense, but the best way to evaluate the impact of our ministry teams is to analyze why people feel burned out.