For the week of April 18, 2005

DNA Accountability – Part 3
By: Tom Bandy
Churches need to move beyond discernment of DNA, to using DNA as a primary vehicle for accountability. There are five basic ways to do this. Here is the third:

Embed the DNA into the very lifestyle expectations of your core leaders. Their daily behavior at work and play, at church and at home, on the job and on vacation, should spontaneously model and daringly declare the core values, convictions, vision and mission of the church. The board and staff should ask the question: Where have our people failed? Where have our lifestyles fallen short? How have we failed to show the world what we Christians are really supposed to be like?

It may seem contrary to common sense, but the best way to evaluate the seriousness of our DNA is to study our inevitable “failures” to live the Christian life. Not only can we seek God’s forgiveness, but we can begin to correct and perfect our behavior in the world.