One of the emerging problems for those doing permission-giving and allowing ministries to bubble up from a decentralized approach is the fact that every church has some core or basic ministries that must go on no matter whether someone comes forward to do them or not.

This means that one of the roles of leadership in a permission-giving environment is to monitor the core ministries and insure that they are staffed.

For example: when I was a solo pastor until I could raise up someone to lead a core ministry, I lead it. That caused me to be diligent about raising up someone to lead that ministry.

As the church grew, I made sure that the core ministries were staffed with paid staff, most of who started part time and grew into full time.

Permission giving does not mean whatever happens happens. Some things have to happen and it is the role of the lead pastor to assure that happens in a small church. In a large church it may be the lead pastor or an executive pastor.