I am coming to believe that effective leadership is based on the following formula.

1. Our Call works like an anchor in the storm or a GPS when faced with major intersections in life.

2. Our preferred style of leadership makes some forms of leading easier than others and preclude some forms of leadership that may be vital. When our preferred style is in the way of our hopes and dreams, we have two choices – live with the consequences and quit fooling ourselves, or change our preferred style, which is very difficult.

3. Our hopes and dreams for our lives and ministry have a way of haunting those who are committed to ministry. They are a sort of driving force for good or bad.

4. The context in which we find ourselves has more to do with leadership than most will admit. Some leadership styles are more effective in some settings than others. Context also includes timing.

5. One’s skill set plays a large part in how effective a leader can be. Whereas most skills can be learned, some can not due to a number of factors including IQ and EQ.