Some people are more organized than I am and do things in a more disciplined fashion. Many of these people find it helpful to keep a “Leadership Journal” in which to chronicle their leadership development as it happens.

In this journal a person might put the following:

1. Cause and Effect events. “I responded this way and got this kind of results. Here is what I learned. I think next time I might find it more helpful to respond another way.” This allows a person when confronted with a similar situation in the future to be able to look back on the result of their actions in the past to see how they could better respond this time around. How many times have you said, “If I had only done this”

2. New ideas that come to them during the day. “Why didn’t I think of that before.” These ideas might be for new ministries, how to increase their spiritual development, or how to be a better mentor with a certain person. How often do we have an idea driving down the road or singing in the shower and plan on getting to it tomorrow but tomorrow never comes for the idea. Just as most writers faithfully carry a notebook in which to jot down fleeting ideas and brilliant phrases, so individuals concerned with business development need to carry a notebook for their ideas.

3. Insights from one’s daily devotional life. “I never saw that before in that passage. I need to go deeper into this learning.” Include comments about other scripture or disciplines that might add in the development of this particular area of a person’s life.

4. New practices: “Hey, that worked; I need to that again, only this time.”

5. New people with leadership passion. Now and then you might someone that you just know is worth spending as much time with as possible. They just ooze leadership. Write their name in your journal. Get their email.

Once a week, check through your Leadership Journal and transfer the ideas to your computer. Over time, you will build a library of learning that you can pass on to others. I sort of wish I had done this over the years. Who knows what I might have learned.

If you have additional ideas about what might go into such a journal, email me at