Planning Holiday Outreaches

There are several times during the calendar year when Jesus followers have a unique opportunity to connect the dots between God’s heart and the hearts of the multitudes of hurting people in our community. The Christmas season is perhaps the greatest of those times. In a way, we almost have an unfair advantage, because […]

Christmas Ideas

It’s not too early to begin thinking about what you’re going to do to capitalize on the pagan holiday known as Christmas. Yes, you heard me correctly – Christmas is a pagan holiday. But contrary to what you might think, its status as a pagan holiday makes it an even more valuable evangelism tool than you […]

The ABC Holiday Checklist

Christmas has begun. Oh, Advent is still a month away, but every big box store has rolled out the holiday decorations and even mom and pop stores are getting into the act little by little. We don’t have to like it, but as the church we’d better stop digging our heels in against it. […]