From Ash Wednesday until Easter most churches do some kind of spiritual preparation campaign. In our sports dominated culture, I suggest you use men’s interest in college basketball to attract new visitors to your church.

During college basketball’s championship tourney commonly called March Madness or as CBS television has dubbed it, “The Road to the Final Four,” I have in the past encouraged the people in my congregation to pray for their FOREVER F.O.U.R.

You can start some of our own March Madness by encouraging your people to get in the game and fill out their Forever Four Brackets, inviting four people they know to your Easter services.

Ask everyone in your congregation to pray for and then invite to church with them this Easter, a


Occupational co-worker,

Unchurched acquaintance/neighbor


In a recent national survey, most Americans said they’d accept an invitation to attend an Easter church service if someone would simply invite them! If you can get your people for the next forty days to pray about four people in their area of influence, they will be more apt to invite those people to church with them on the day of Christ’s greatest victory.