Hospitality Begins with Signage

Think about times you’ve been embarrassed.  What was the context?  How did you feel?

It wasn’t good, was it?  Being embarrassed is a terrible feeling.  When I’m embarrassed, I’m tempted to turn around and run.  And that’s what I see from you too!

I hang out at a coffeehouse where there’s great service and lively conversation.  […]

8 Crucial Steps to Church Hospitality that Transforms Lives

Every church says they are friendly (hospitable), but that usually is true only among church members themselves.  The experience of the stranger, of the first time visitor, is often very far from a sense of being welcomed.
Let’s be honest.  The call to make disciples and the kingdom goal is at stake here.  It isn’t […]

The Best Way to Retain Visitors

It’s a known fact that it’s easier to keep a new visitor than it is to get a new visitor. So why is it that most churches get only a 15% return rate? The answer is simple – most pastors don’t make an effort to do so. I’ve never understood how a pastor, especially […]

Christmas Ideas

It’s not too early to begin thinking about what you’re going to do to capitalize on the pagan holiday known as Christmas. Yes, you heard me correctly – Christmas is a pagan holiday. But contrary to what you might think, its status as a pagan holiday makes it an even more valuable evangelism tool than you […]