I love to say, “If you can see the harvest, you can take the risk.” The harvest is the vast number of people who live outside of the knowledge that God loves them.  The risk is turning your church upside down and in-side-out to reach them.

Every day Mainline Christianity becomes more marginalized and irrelevant. It’s time we changed that.  But business as usual won’t do what needs to be done.  If we are to win back the West, we will have to totally and radically change our ministry.  Could it be that we must get back to the basics?  We think so.

  • Social justice will not transform the world.
  • Revitalization doesn’t go far enough.
  • Better organizations won’t cut it.
  • Bigger and better programs are a drag on transformation.
  • Even Bible studies won’t do what needs to be done.

So, what will win back the West?

We are convinced only one thing could do that – developing a multiplication mindset like the leaders of first century Christianity. They lived and breathed multiplying Christianity across the known world. That is what we need today and that is the subject of our new book – Dinosaurs to Rabbits: Turning Mainline Decline to a Multiplication Movement.

This book is not for the faint of heart or for those who want to tweak their church. We guarantee you will both love it and hate it. It will be available mid-June in our store and on Amazon.