Five Steps to Encourage a Guest’s Return Visit

An important step in the growth of any church is to do whatever you can to encourage your first time guests to return for a second week. Notice I use the word ‘guest’ not visitor. To treat first time attenders as a welcomed guest, there are five things I would like to suggest that […]

Can This Church Turnaround? Case Study #1

Established: ~1904

Tribe: Protestant Mainline

Worship Style: Rural traditional, family informal


Congregational Demographics: 
AWA: 32
Trend: 20 years steep decline; 8 years slow decline; followed by 10 years slight decline
Median Age: 61
Adult Generations: 21 Builders+; 8 Boomers; 2 Gen-X; 1 Millennial
Children/Youth: 2–3
Ethnic Mix: Anglo
SES: Mixed, mostly blue collar; income similar to ministry area
Debt: $0

Available Resources: ~$100,000 in endowments


Ministry Area […]

Advertising the Church

We live in a marketing-saturated world. The number of ads you see every single day is up in the thousands now (in the 1970s you would have seen about 500 a day … today it’s at about 5000 a day – CBS News). With that in mind, it’s no wonder the church is finding […]

Where’s Your Sign?

I could see the church building from the street. I could even see the parking lot. What I couldn’t see was how to get from here to there.

I was in the midst of a Sunday morning consultation and ten minutes after worship began, I strolled through the building to check on the status of […]

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Are You the Bottleneck

I get the Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day during the week and had to share this one.
(BTW, I highly recommend HBR for pastors … it’s worth the expense.)

This tip was particularly insightful because in our our experience, pastors regularly suffer from this malady (and so do most church leaders, truth-be-told).
What to […]

Exponential Workshop Files

Multiplication Made Easy PDF Handouts

You Can’t Raise a Corpse PDF Handouts

Tools We Use: CoSchedule

Sometimes we get asked about the tools we use to do the things we do. This afternoon I was creating and scheduling some social media updates for the upcoming week and realized that there are quite a number of the church leaders we work with who are still doing social updates by hand.

Because all of […]

The Path to Becoming a Successful Church Consultant

I don’t know what the deal is, but over the past couple of weeks we’ve been inundated with requests from current pastors who have become interested in becoming church consultants. I’ve responded personally, but I think there’s enough interest that I wanted to set the record straight about what it takes to be a […]