Tools to succeed in an
ever-changing landscape.

We work hard every day to develop content and resources that we hope are helpful to you, the church leader, in your journey. With thousands of resources, most of them free, church leaders can find pretty much everything they need in order to identify, recruit, train, coach, and encourage others. In addition, both Bill Tenny-Brittian and Bill Easum are prodigious authors and writers, with over 30 books between them – view their books here.

Our primary resources can be found on our core subsidiary sites:

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But ultimately, effective
ministry is not a one-size-
fits-all endeavor.

That’s why consulting and coaching are at the foundation of who we are. We’ve had the privilege of working directly with over 1,000 churches and church leaders — providing the tools to succeed in an ever-changing landscape. And we want to help you, too.

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