Are you a church leader with vision?  Are you discouraged by the visions you have put before people that seemed to go unheard?  Does it seem like your visions often go unfulfilled?

If so, you are far from alone.  Indeed, it is the norm.  It is no secret to church leaders that this is a difficult time to be the church.  But there is a way forward.

Bill Easum and I wrote a book entitled, “Execute Your Vision” which gives insight as to how leaders need to lead in our time.  The book begins with a reality check of the fast paced change implications of being church in the world today.

Then it moves to recognizing that execution of a vision is an art.  But you can learn this art.  Mainly it is holding firm to the calling to equip others for ministry and hold one another accountable to our respective ministries.  Ultimately, it is addressing the issue of whether a leader will focus on only the direction necessary for the vision.

Ready to take a look at the book?  Interested in an interactive reflection on the book led by Bill and me?  Check out Execute Your Vision Information.