How We Can Help

We can help your church
grow and become an
effective congregation.

It is a difficult moment in time to be a church leader. Questions are abundant. Answers seem elusive. What does God want from each one of us as we seek to make disciples in a culture that seems to be moving away from God, not to Him?

At the Effective Church Group, we would love to come alongside you to share the journey. Through our experience of more than 1000 congregations and their leaders, we have learned what practices are more likely to be effective and which only end up in frustration.

Consulting Packages for Every Ministry

We've put together our most effective packages yet. We've designed affordable options for every church and ministry to help your congregation be the most effective and sustainable church possible ...

We have a philosophy that says, "If you succeed; we succeed." Our clients soon learn that everything we do is tailored to meet their needs. You tell us what you need and we work with you to make it happen. If all you need is coaching, we'll be by your side helping you avoid landmines. If you need a thorough audit of your staff and ministries, we will work with you to collect all the data needed to develop a strategic plan for the next two or three years. If your staff or leaders need training, we have the tools and skills to make the training come alive. If you need a speaker for some special occasion, we do that also. Very few consultants can offer you the experience and expertise that we can.

Consultation Services

From self-directed to on-site, there's a consultation package designed to meet your congregation's needs.

Training Services

We offer a wide variety of training resources as well as leading on-site church leadership training.

Coaching Services

Coaching is a personal endeavor, which is why we don't offer so-called "group" coaching options. Every leader needs a coach... is yours taking you where you need to go?

Need to Know More?

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