I am a grandfather!

I have had married children for a few years.  And those who are already grandparents have been hounding me to have grandchildren.  I usually tell them I don’t have much control over such matters.

These folks uniformly tell me how awesome it is to be a grandparent; just play with the child and hand him/her back when dirty diapers arise.  But my experience has been a bit different than that.

I was amazed at the immediate commitment I felt with this child.  It was different than with my own children, but there was a fierce connection to her that I never experienced before.  My relationship is far more profound than just “playing” with her.  Since I don’t have to worry about the everyday needs of food and diapers, I am focused solely on her future and the things that ultimately matter.

I had almost nine months to prepare to be a grandfather.  During that time, I heard a common threat from several who were already in the grandparent ranks.  In this day when many young adults are not choosing a spiritual journey for their children, I am hearing grandparents to share a fear that they may not see their grandchildren in heaven.  I cannot imagine a more terrible prospect.

If you are a church leader, you have certainly seen grandparents bringing their grandchildren to church activities.  It seems to me that there are several imperatives before us for children and families of our culture given current realities for children and families.

  1. The church today needs to support grandparents in their heightened role, spiritual and otherwise, for contemporary children.
  2. The church today needs to focus on spiritual development activities where grandparents will feel empowered to bring their grandchildren.
  3. The church today needs to look for every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with children.
  4. The church today needs to provide non-threatening spiritual activities for young adults who don’t otherwise see where God and his church impact now and eternity.

If you are a church leader who wants to take a next step in this vital disciple making, The Effective Church Group would love to come alongside you.