Effective Church Training

Reap the Rewards of a
Well-Trained Staff

Visitors Every Week

And not just visitors, but visitors who return again and again. Visitors who become members who become leaders.

Spiritually Grounded and Growing Leaders

Leaders who have a passion for the Kingdom and for their church. Leaders who immerse themselves in faith development. Leaders who put the good of the church above their personal preferences. Leaders who do more than just show up… they’re invested in multiplying themselves, their ministries, and the mission of the church.

An Effective and Productive Staff

The right staff in the right positions that are fully committed to mission alignment and vision fulfillment. A staff that leads by example and raises up leaders from within the congregation, inspiring them to greatness.

Members Who Make a Difference

Members that reflect the faith in their everyday lives; who take the church’s mission from the building to the community; who are there when crunch time comes … and when they’re needed most.

If your ministry struggles with getting the staff, church leaders, or membership to do what needs to get done, then you might be facing a training issue. Too often churches find themselves distracted with what is, or what was, rather than with what could be and mission-critical ministry either stagnates or doesn’t even get started. Get your leaders and members well trained and focused on those practices that make the biggest difference.

We’ve been training churches and church leaders for decades, but we also understand that training only changes lives when training gets applied. That’s why the Effective Church Group offers training packages and events that leave you with more than just information and inspiration. Our workbooks include strategic planning pages that provide you and your congregation a step-by-step implementation process so that what you learn today isn’t just yesterday’s good ideas.

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