I just returned from speaking to the Presbyterian Church of Canada.  While I was there I learned from one of the bookseller that my book, A Second Resurrection, made the bestseller list on www.Amazon.ca.

A Second Resurrection

This is good and bad news. Good that this book is selling well, but bad that so many churches are in such trouble that they feel the need to read this book.

The essence of the book is that we are beyond reformation, revitalization, and renewal in 85% of established churches and we are in need of resurrection. You can’t revitalize a dead corpse. Most of our places called church are really more like hospices or hospitals, both of which are needed for those ill and dying but certainly aren’t what God intended when God said, “Go make disciples of all people.”

I pray that God will use the book to resurrect enough churches to make a difference in the Kingdom.

God bless those pastors who have the courage to try to raise the dead.

Question: Have you seen churches raised from the dead? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.

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