We live in a world about which one of the only things we can say for sure at the moment is that it is set on speed.  Things get faster and faster every year.

A World Set on Speed

That’s one of the reasons I don’t understand people who will allow emails to sit for days on end instead of answering them in real time. I know; there are those who say that things are moving too fast and that people need to guard their own time.

But consider this – what would you think of a person in a metro area who intentionally rides a horse instead of driving a car? We would think they are a bit odd.

In the near future, people who refuse to have the technology to respond to texting and email and, horrors of horrors, tweets within the hour are going to be considered dinosaurs.

We run our ministry on real time. We try to respond to people the same hour or at least the same day they contact us.  If you call us, it may take a day to get to us because we are on a plane; but if you email us we respond to it when we land.

It’s impossible to be effective in a world set on speed if you move with the speed of a turtle.

Question: What are some of the steps you’d recommend to assimilate into this new world of speed?

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