I had a conversation today with a lady in an Ontario bookstore where they were doing a book signing for some of my books.  We were talking about a couple of new books that I had recommended: And: The Gathered and Scattered Church and Exponential, neither of which are on Amazon.ca yet. She said, I guess they are talking about another Reformation.

Describing What's Happening Today: Liftoff

After some reflection I corrected her.  I don’t think what I see happening in the States is another Reformation or renewal. Most of these churches haven’t been around more than 25 years.  I think a better description of what is happening is “liftoff.”  It just could be that these books, along with viral churches, are describing the liftoff of a new movement that may change the face of the U.S.

This liftoff may be fueled by the collaboration between Verge and Exponential.  This is the macro meeting the micro, which is long overdue. Next year’s Exponential Convention will showcase the collaboration of the two.  It’s a new world.

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