What Can You Do to Have a Summer Hump Instead of a Summer Slump?
By: Bill Easum
I remember my first visit to Prince of Peace Lutheran right after Mike Foss arrived. I was impressed by something they did in the summer to have a summer hump instead of slump.
They added an outdoor worship service and actually remained even for the six weeks of summer. If you only have six weeks of summer, that is a big deal.I also remember when our church decided to have Vacation Bible School all summer. That’s right, every week of the summer. Our attendance didn’t plummet in the summer any longer (we were just two hours from the beach).

I remember a visit to a church in California that had a higher attendance in the summer than the rest of the year. How did they do it? They did a major musical every Thursday and then finished it on Sunday morning.

Another thing most thriving traditional churches do is have the adult choir sing all summer.

So what can you do to plan for a summer hump instead of a summer slump?