Break Out of Program “Silos”
By: Tom Bandy
Most church staff leaders find themselves trapped in management roles for programs. Growing churches break their staff out of management by deploying them at the “intersections” of the disciple-making process. In other words, their job is not to manage programs but develop leaders. They prioritize one-to-one time with volunteer leaders to mentor them deeper into the spiritual life. To “catch” them in moments of anxiety or stress, and “guide” them toward self-fulfillment and calling.

Pastors hold staff accountable for the number of people they mentor, and the number of “hand offs” they make to pass leaders on to another program area where they can grow personally and spiritually. Rather than protect “their” volunteers, and hide them in a program silo, they are willing to risk the efficiency of their program to further the growth of a volunteer. In the end, you get more volunteers and less burn out.

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