One of the mistakes I see pastors routinely making is the failure to terminate a staff person the moment they decide they can’t cut the mustard. It’s been my experience that the sooner an ineffective person is terminated the more likely it is that the pastor will survive the conflict.

Most Pastors wait too long to terminate ineffective staff for a number of reasons.

One, some committees hire and fire staff and, as is usually the case, they are either afraid to terminate, or they love the person too much, or they simply don’t know enough about what the person does to make a decision. Obviously, the hiring and firing of staff should be in the hands of the person doing the supervision. Although the hiring and firing is usually in the hands of the lead pastor in most of the larger churches it is seldom true in middle to small churches.

Two, some pastors have a “savoir” complex. They believe they can salvage the person. Rather than being on a mission, they allow this person to become their personal mission.

Three, some pastors suffer from a over active mercy gland. In other words, they don’t have the guts to do what they know needs to be done on behalf of the mission.

Four, some pastors are too lazy to go through the hassle of termination and hiring a new person.

Five, some pastors don’t have any goals for the staff so they don’t even know whether or not the person is effective.

Next time you are faced with an ineffective person, and you have given them both the resources and time to shape up, terminate them just as fast as you can and don’t lose one night of sleep over it. The mission is too important to do otherwis