Supervising Staff
In order to supervise staff you have to have the power to hire and fire. Most churches don’t allow the lead pastor to have such power. This is one of the key reasons churches don’t develop team based ministries. It’s like a football team where the coach isn’t allowed to select or terminate his players. 
So what can you do to change this? First, explain it to your personnel committee. If any of them are in business they know the wisdom of what you are saying. If this doesn’t work then do whatever you can to screen all of the candidates before they go before the personnel committee. Bring only the candidate of your choice before them.
if you are not able to do any of the above, just realize that the odds of your staff functioning as a team are next to nothing.
if you are starting a new church, set it up from the beginning so that you are in charge of hiring staff. Once you develop a team based ministry you may want to include the core team in the interview process.