During my reading for “Leadership On The Other Side”, I found only three books that did not define leaders as people who had followers who did what the leader wanted done (I’m sure there are more than three, but between 1995 and 1999 that’s all I found). Good leaders got their way by influence and position. Bad leaders by coercion. Since I believe the wormhole calls for leaders who help other leaders find God’s will for their lives instead of the will of the leader or the desire of the church, these books are worth listing. You can read them should you choose.

Five Star Leadership (John Wile Patrick Townsend and Gebhardt)
A book on military strategy. This book says that everyone should be trained to be a leader at every level in case the person above them falls in battle.

Servant Leadership (Paulist Press – Robert Greenleaf)
This book says that leaders define their success based on whether their serving them has cause them to become servants of others.

Leadership Without Easy Answers (Belknap Press – Heifetz)
This book says that‚the role of a leader is to help people confront their problems.