Discipleship Teaching or equipping consists of two things – modeling and content. Most people ask me for curriculum for discipling Christians – curriculum = teaching. Even though curriculum is needed, before leaders need curriculum they need to model discipleship in their life and ministry. Modeling is more important than content and content has meaning only if it follows example. This is one of the reasons why I encourage churches to use Servant

Evangelism (www.kindness.com) as well as for pastors to go out of their way to model acts of kindness to others. I’m not referring here for the pastor to play “pastor fetch” where you do the congregation’s bidding. I’m referring to role modeling Jesus in the congregation. So the next time you want to disciple someone, take some action, then look for curriculum. I would also suggest that pastors include in their messages and teaching examples of acts of kindness and servanthood on the part of people in their church.