Craig Galbraith, Oliver Galbraith

This book contains classic management secrets that anyone in leadership will benefit from.  The Rule contained the first complete management system in the Western world. The beauty of The Rule is that it has withstood the test of time and is as valid today as it was fifteen centuries ago.

As a result of reading it, I came up with the following basic guides for effective and faithful leadership.

·         Lead and teach more by example than by words.

·         You can’t give what you don’t have so put on your own oxygen mask first.

·         Do no harm but never over-look injustice, immorality, or grumbling.

·         Be aware that giving life away is far better than taking from it.

·         It is more fulfilling to find success through others than through yourself.

·         Spend 80% of your time with people who are ready to birth their gifts of leadership.

·         The people you put in place around you need to be folks who will fill in your weak gaps.

Of course these guidelines do not exhaust all the guides for leadership. After reading the book what would you add to them? Email me at