by Bill Tenny-Brittian

I have a journal I record ongoing prayer requests in for my daily prayer time, but there are some prayer needs that I want to pray about throughout the day. However, without something to jog my memory I’ll go through my day without so much as an under-my-breath prayer. To help me remember, I sometimes take a couple of polished stones of different colors and to put them in my pant’s pocket for the day. Before I drop them in my pocket, I assign each stone one of my prayer requests. For instance, I’ve been praying for wisdom for my publisher who was in the midst of a merger discussion and for my son-in-law who is being considered for a new job. The maroon stone reminds me to pray for my publisher and the blue stone for my son-in-law. During the day, when I feel the stones in my pocket, I withdraw one of them, whisper a quiet prayer, and then put it into my right pocket. Later on, I do the same with the next stone. By moving the stones from my left pocket to the right and later vice-versa I am reminded that the Spirit is moving on my prayer requests. And because I can feel the stones in one pocket and then the next, my body is reminded reminds my body about their presence so I don’t forget as easily.