By Bill Tenny-Brittian

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, and will almost certainly mention again sometime in the future, I’m a fidget in church. I can’t still very well. The truth is, I’m in good company. There are literally millions of adults, as well as children, who fidget. Some because we’re ADHD or simply hyperactive, some because we’ve never learned to sit still, some because we don’t want to have to sit still, and especially for children because we’re at that stage in life. With all that potential fidgeting in church, there’s no wonder prayers and sermons can be difficult times…and not only for those of us who can’t sit still, but for the rest of the congregation (including you) who have to endure our incessant movement.

However, you can help us out. Many of us are more able to be still if we can channel our energy into a specific activity. For instance, I know that if I use prayer beads, then my legs don’t bounce as much (or at all). By focusing my physical energy onto a “manipulative,” the other physical manifestations may be lessened. Therefore, get your worship planning team to purchase manipulatives, that is, something for us to pick up at the door to fiddle with. For instance, at a church where I worked on a consultation, they had strings of prayer beads available to anyone who wanted them. I love prayer beads in church, but in my Prayer for People Who Can’t Sit Still seminars, I distribute porcupine critters that I get in bulk from the Oriental Trading Company. Whatever you choose to use, by providing a manipulative or two, you can assured that at least some of us will limit our fidgets!