The DIY Consultation

From the beginning of 21st Century Strategies, a long, long time ago, we’ve had one driving value: help transform churches. We suspect that pretty much all our readers understand that one of the ways we do that is by offering professional consultation services, church leadership coaching, and congregational training. What many folks may not […]

How to Effectively Lead a Staff

This article is a follow up to the previous article on staff management.

Learning how to lead a staff is one of the most important aspects of a pastor’s life if that pastor wants to be an effective leader. Every study shows that the vast majority of churches grow based on their leader and how […]

Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was a banner year for The Effective Church Group at 21st Century Strategies.

We provided church leader training resources to over 44,000 church leaders this year, including:

Access to over 1500 blog posts on
Over 200 training videos on Church-Talk
Over 325 issues of Net Results magazine

We worked in person with over 300 pastors […]

Understanding the Role of Your Pastor

The “golden years” of the church, for many key leaders in churches across the US, were the 1950s. Back then “everyone” went to church – and if someone didn’t go to church, they knew they should! Back then, the pastor didn’t get caught up with trying to reach one generation or another. Everyone “liked” […]

Time Management for Church Leaders

One of top questions we’ve heard during the Only Four Things Grow Churches tour has to do with the allocation of the pastor’s time. When we suggest that a pastor leading a church of under 450 needs to spend between 70 – 80 percent of their time networking with the unchurched, the grumbling becomes […]

The First Core Spiritual Habit: Pick up and Read

The first and typically most transformative spiritual habit is, surprisingly, scripture reading. I’m fond of saying “I’m a scientist’s son and a mainliner at heart,” so when I tell church leaders that if they’ll just start reading scripture regularly their lives will be transformed, they sometimes look at me as if I was from […]

Don’t Be a Fly Trap Church

Everyone who follows my work knows I am a great fan of the local church. It is fundamental to the growth of the Kingdom, along with other forms of being the Church. I have no truck with those who say the day of the local church is over.

I can’t stand what the vast majority of […]

The Consumer Church Metaphor

Church members don’t generally want to have their church compared to a business, but sometimes they just can’t help themselves and they fall into the metaphor themselves.

The board meeting had a motion on the floor to upgrade the brand of Sunday morning coffee to one that was more appealing to the younger generation that […]

Pastor, Leader, and Equipper – O My!

If you’re a pastor, you’ve likely heard it.  “We need a pastor who is more of a shepherd!”

What does that mean?  I interpret that to be the 20th century American fallacy that we pay people to do things on our behalf, including pastors to do the primary ministry activities.  Go visit members in need. […]