Multiplication Ripples

I’ve been writing a lot about church multiplication because I believe it is the way Jesus would want us to lead our churches. At the heart of multiplication is the shift from an addition culture of gathering and accumulating to a multiplication culture of releasing and sending. In other words: starting self-propagating churches that […]

Churches Committed To Multiplication: Part Three

As a result of my time at the think tank in Atlanta, I spent some time listening to the message of several pastors who are leading either reproducing or multiplying churches, and I confirmed a suspicion I’ve had for some time.

The success of a church is not determined by how well the pastor teaches or […]

Visitor Treatment: Case Study 01

Recently, I began interviewing folks who were first-time visitors to churches to listen to what they experienced and see what we can learn.

A couple weeks ago, I met with a couple who’d attended an Evangelical Free Church near them. Let me begin by saying that they had a pleasant experience and have considered returning […]

About Us

…leaders. Combined, we’ve written over thirty books, written over 1000 articles and blog posts, and produced hundreds of training videos on nearly every aspect of what it takes to be…

Training Small Groups

By Bill Tenny-Brittian

One of the most disheartening thing I’ve noticed in most church’s small group programs is the lack of life-changing that goes on. The vast majority of the participants who attend small groups leave in about the same state as when they came, except that they may be just a little more educated on […]

Spending Time Mentoring Staff

Spending time mentoring staff is one of the most important things a pastor can do. When I suggest to a person I’m coaching that he needs to spend more time mentoring or training his staff, he usually asks, “What does that look like?” Here’s my response.

First, you should see yourself as the head coach of a ball […]

Hospitality Is the Key

These are four of the most important questions you and your staff should be asking when it comes to visitor retention.

What happens when a new person visits your church? Are they greeted in the parking lot, at the door, and at the information desk?
What happens with the new person the week after […]

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Top 8 Reasons for Being a Church of Missional Small Groups

Before I share this list, let me explain the difference between missional small groups and small groups.  Small groups get together to share life around the Scriptures, apprentice new leaders, and form new groups, and may or may not have a mission beyond the small group. Mission and ministry are the heart of missional […]