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I.     Introduction

A.      Let me contextualize my thoughts.

1.      It is my contention that the world, and especially North America, is more like the first century than the 20th century. If that is true, our strategies must be different and the world is ripe for a major new movement that could reshape the world. The question is […]

Church Planting Isn’t the Goal: Interview with Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne Cordeiro is known for effectively planting hundreds of churches over a long period of years, but in a recent interview with me he said, “I’m learning that Church planting isn’t the goal; discipleship is!  Church planting is actually a byproduct of biblical discipleship.” Everyone needs to let that statement soak in. 

 Cordeiro has shifted […]

Disciple More by Leveraging What You’re Already Doing

Every week, thousands of pastors spend hours and hours creating a sermonic masterpiece that will be heard once by fewer than 60 people.
Every week, tens of thousands of Sunday school classes will meet to educate and ostensibly disciple less than a dozen people.

The same goes for Bible studies, small group studies, and so on.

All […]

The Scope of Our Ministry

One of the crucial issues facing many North American church leaders today is to
understand the scope and focus of mission. When thinking about mission, too many church leaders still think in terms of some Christian activity that takes place either across town, or in another state, or overseas. The totality of mission activity for […]

The Signs of the Times

From time to time I write an article on what my travels across the U.S. are teaching me. It has been awhile since I have shared my observations, so I thought I would pass on a few of the major trends I am seeing that I think will change the shape of things to […]

What You Know Doesn’t Matter

I’m a fairly smart guy and I’ve got the degrees to prove it, so when I was in a seminar and the presenter made the assertion, “What you know doesn’t really matter,” well, it got my dander up and at least in my head I crossed my arms and thought, “That’s bunk.”

But the speaker […]

Hiring and Firing Staff

Today, I had a conversation with one of the church planters I’m coaching. During the coaching call he asked me, “What are some ways to help staff be more productive?” I made several suggestions and then I told him that his question is not the most important question on this subject. The more important […]

What I am Learning About Permission Giving Churches Part One

 Bill Easum

What Churches are Teaching Me
About Permission-Giving Churches
Part One

Two years ago when I began writing Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers, I had no idea it would hit such a nerve with church leaders. I felt it would make an important contribution to developing thriving churches, but I never dreamed it would become one of […]

Is It Time to Drop the Requirement?

I’ve been watching the trend escalate for the past decade. For centuries, it has been the practice of non-mainline groups. But for the last couple of decades its has been a rising factor in thriving churches.

I’m talking about the rise and effectiveness of non-seminary trained pastors.  It used to be that pastors like enormously […]