The Smaller the Church, The Fewer the Christians

When I came across an old Barna Report that suggested that the smaller the church is, the fewer Christians there are, I suppose I wasn’t surprised, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being dismayed. Although I’ve had a lot of experience with small membership churches as a consultant/coach, I’d always secretly hoped there […]

Equipping Tips

Equipping Tips by Bill Easum

1. Ask yourself “If we are twice as big as we are now, can I keep doing what I’m doing now?” then list the things you are doing that anyone could do. Then list those things that anyone could do with minimal training; then moderate training; then with major training […]

Reproductive Movements

By BIll Easum

At the very time when many voices are pronouncing the end of the institutional church and the rise of the emergent church, we’re witnessing the birth of three major reproductive movements – church planting, multi-site, and raising up leaders- all of which have the potential to turn around the decline of Christianity […]

Peer Coaching 101

There’s recently been a wave of interest by judicatories in starting Peer Coaching events among their church leaders. With the inevitable failure of the “Let’s assign the new kid an experienced pastor to mentor them” program, peer coaching seems like the next best thing since frozen Snicker bars. The problem is, although Peer Coaching […]

Staff Disharmony: The Giant Killer

In the world of church, there are many different kinds of giants. Some are the kind we need to get our slings out to slay. But there are other giants who have earned our respect. For instance, there are giants of the faith: women and men who have already died to self and live […]

Discipleship is Our Focus

For as long as I can remember, most leaders consciously or unconsciously focused on receiving new members. Ask most pastors what size their church is, and most of them will tell you how many members they have. Low-commitment membership has been the emphasis for some time. In many cases people are hounded until they […]

Apprenticing Future Leaders

When it comes to discipleship, those of us called to do ministry in the Western Hemisphere are encumbered with what I call a “content fetish.” We have been consumed with focusing on content as if we could teach discipleship.  All we need to do is get our people into a classroom, teach them how to […]

Planting Priorities

The other day I got a Twitter question from Phil Longmire, a church planter in Richmond, TX. We were talking about church planting priorities and I was saying how important it is for planters to be out of the office, away from the computer, and out in the public’s eye. So he Tweeted me […]

Turn Christmas Eve Visitors Into Returning Guests

Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Historically, your worship service/s on that holy night will have the highest number of visitors who have limited or no church experience. Indeed, the Nones are more likely to attend your Christmas Eve service than any other service of the year.

If your church is like the vast majority of North […]