The Benedictine Rule of Leadership

Craig Galbraith, Oliver Galbraith

This book contains classic management secrets that anyone in leadership will benefit from.  The Rule contained the first complete management system in the Western world. The beauty of The Rule is that it has withstood the test of time and is as valid today as it was fifteen centuries ago.

As a […]

Cousins, Don, Experiencing Leadership

Experiencing LeaderShift is for the 92% of pastors who score low on the gift of leadership. You read that correctly-92% of all pastors don’t have the gift of leadership as their primary gift. So how does one lead a church without a strong gift of leadership?

LeaderShift by Don Cousins is the answer. He takes […]

Three Books that Understand Leadership

During my reading for “Leadership On The Other Side”, I found only three books that did not define leaders as people who had followers who did what the leader wanted done (I’m sure there are more than three, but between 1995 and 1999 that’s all I found). Good leaders got their way by influence […]

Spiritual Leadership

Today’s environment requires leaders to be spiritual directors rather than teachers or CEO’s.

Being a spiritual director is different from being a teacher. Teachers impart knowledge to their students. Spiritual directors walk with fellow travelers on their personal journey of experiencing God, not to impart knowledge, but to assist the traveler in their own discovery […]

Barriers to Effective Leadership Teams Part 3

For the week of March 21, 2005

Barriers to Effective Leadership Teams Part 3: The Lack of Trust

By: John Laster

There are three common, interrelated barriers to more effective leadership teams: the absence of a shared DNA, the presence of fear, and a lack of trust within the team itself.

Lack of trust among leadership team members […]

Ministry Lessons: 5 Ways to Turn Children Into Leaders

Most churches have a natural hierarchy of top-level responsibilities, spearheaded by the lead pastor or ministry leaders. But all believers should be ready and willing to lead, and it starts with teaching children in the congregation leadership skills.

Research shows that leaders tend to have higher cognitive ability, more self-confidence, and more motivation to drive. […]

Three Key Characteristics of Effective Leaders

One of the greatest needs in the church today is effective leadership and I want to share three key principles that I’ve found formational in my own life.

What qualifies me to write on this subject? Fifty plus years of leadership learning and experience (My nickname in high school was “The General” when I […]

EBA Leadership Tip

On the Leader Sharing Doubt

by Bill Easum

No one is ever totally beyond doubt. The issue with me is how much doubt can a leader share with the people and still be the leader. I have found it is easier to share doubt about issues than about one’s faith and still be able to effectively […]

The Spiritual Leadership of the Board

For the week of March 28, 2005

The Spiritual Leadership of the Board

By: Tom Bandy

Most churches underestimate the importance of the board members as “spiritual leaders”. Board members are often elected or appointed because of specific skills (teaching, finance, property management, etc.). However, as management responsibilities are delegated to a trusted, gifted few, it becomes […]